Methodology of Studies (or MOST as we are passionately known) was established in 2010 as an
education centre for cultivating proper learning habits in homelike environs. With a reputation for being experienced, reliable, methodical and passionate, we are trusted by many parents who, by word-of-mouth recommendations, have their children travel from all parts of Singapore to us for learning.

“ Experience learning in the
comfort of a second home. ”

We have built a team of educators who aspire to inspire. All of us enter the centre daily energised and enthusiastic because we want to solve problems in education. We believe, above all else, in the right methodology of studies. Learning should not be about endless practices without concrete understanding, or about sacrificing all personal time for studies, and definitely should not be driven by the pressure and stress to perform. Therefore, we created a workspace that is as close to the feel of a home as can be, in order to foster a culture where student and teacher bond.




Mr Ong has a decade of experience in the teaching industry specialising in Chemistry and Additional Mathematics. The methodology that he utilizes acknowledges the fact that every student is unique and the study methods designed should be tailored to each student’s personality and style of learning. He is the visionary of the school - responsible for steering the progress, imparting the methodology as well as developing the culture and values of the centre.


Ph.D. in Biochemical

Dr. Teo oversees the school’s overall syllabus design; encompassing the quality of notes and exercises distributed and the content matter taught during class sessions. He is focused on teaching the JC classes where he guides and engages the class in meaningful discussions, rather than just drilling them in practices that the schools are already doing. With an acute interest in biotechnology, Teo contextualizes ideas using real life applications to help 'A' level students master scientific concepts.


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