We are a family of educators - close knit and very passionate -
creating a haven for students seeking curriculum guidances, enquiry
resolutions as well as a conducive environment for self-revision.

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Our Story

We believe our methodology is exceptional because
of the passion and commitment of the people
implementing them


We adopt a three-step approach in teaching our students. Understanding concepts, knowing the answering technique standards, and finding the right method to retaining these skills for individual student.


Our teachers believe in our methodology and work towards helping every student achieve their personal methodology of studies. We analyse individual student’s progress and aid them in overcoming their learning barriers.


Our students see the centre as a second home. They come to the centre almost daily right after school to study, to bond and also to be guided by peers and teachers.



The centre has students from all parts of Singapore and we have the opportunity to teach and interact with
those from these schools below.


Thank you for the hard work and dedication! Not only did you help pull my chemistry grade up but also gave me a really conducive environment to improve my other subjects.

I never imagined myself getting a distinction for chemistry because I have been failing all the way till I joined MOST! So, thank you very very much for believing and helping me achieve my distinction.

I would like to thank the tutors who worked so hard to support me through my O level year. Eventually I managed to show a huge jump in grades for my Sciences from C to A! Without their guidance, I will not be able to achieve these wonderful results.

Scoring distinctions for both Combined Science and Additional Math in the O’levels was definitely not what I had expected before I signed up at the centre. Thank you for giving me such precious advice and guidance at every lesson!! The 1.5years in MOST was a really really wonderful time!

MOST has been a really really fun journey. Apart from the teachers being very good, I think they really provide us with a lot of support and guidances in whatever we chose to do. From providing us with a nice place to study to making the effort to join us for sports and outings. I honestly did not regret joining the centre. And thank you for helping me secure my distinction.

Thank you MOST for helping me secure an A1! The centre has been like a second home to me with a bunch of amazing friends and teachers to study with. Thank you again for being so supportive.

MOST has made such a big change in me! The tutor evoked my passion and love for a subject that I used to dislike. The teaching style is also extremely clear and gave me the ability to grasp the subject well.

I have never seen a centre like MOST! Thank you for everything that you had provided us with: a great place to study in, around-the-clock guidances and all the food that were available to us freely! And thank you for helping me secure my distinctions.